Creative JournalFirst, you do not have to be “artsy” to start a Creative Journal. I often tell friends that they are creative. It is something inside all of us — the desire to create. For some it may well be painting, drawing, music, or writing. For others it is a new venture, a solution to a business problem, a more efficient accounting system, that missing line of code, or creatively figuring out how to get children around town for all their varying activities. The fact still remains — we are all creative. Convinced?

Even so, I recommend starting a Creative Journal. I recommend getting something small enough that you can carry it around daily, yet not so small that you have to buy one every couple weeks. Personally, I like a small, Acid Free, hardback journal for keeping all my creative thoughts in.

Once you’ve bought your journal here are a few tips on how you might use it:

  • Clip out and save articles and pictures of interest
  • Takes notes (meeting notes, mental notes, etc.)
  • Doodle thoughts and concepts
  • Copy design ideas (I like to copy designs I see in nature too)
  • Add stickers (I like to visit my local Starbucks and ask for copies of all their flavor decals on a regular basis)
  • Make lists and To-Do’s
  • Trace objects
  • Write reminders
  • Tape in businesscards
  • Make notes to self, etc.

As you can see, these are a few simple ideas of how I and others I know use a creative journal. Still skeptical? I will tell you, the payoff is the most exciting part.

It has been amazing to look back and see where inspirations have come from and how our minds work to create and problem solve. More than once a creative idea/solution has been the culmination of days (sometimes weeks and months) of collecting information in my journal. All the while my subconscious is processing the material and when I need the answer–tadaa!–out pops the most genuine idea I have ever thought of…and where did it come from? The practice of creative journalling.

How many ideas have you had that you failed to capture? Start Creative Journalling in 2007.

Quick. Capture that idea in your journal now!