SchipperkeIf you’re looking for a great all-around family dog, I have a recommendation–get a Schipperke (pronounced: skipper-key). We dog-sat for a friend over the holidays and they dropped off this wonderful little black dog before heading to Florida for Christmas. Prior to meeting this dog I was not at all familiar with the Schipperke breed. Now, after having spent several weeks with one I whole heartedly endorse this little dog for most anyone.

This particular little guy must have had some Pomeranian in him because his hair was longer than the average Schipperke and his tail curled over his back. Other than that, he seemed typical from what I have learned of the breed.

This dog was so much fun while he visited us. He was great with our kids. He was not a “barker”. With the little training he’d had, he let us know when he need to go out to play or do business. He primarily stayed inside and was very well mannered. He was a perfect and affectionate little gentleman.

Here are some facts about the Schipperke:

  • Their name is Flemish for Little Skipper or Little Captain
  • They originally served as mascots and ratters on barges
  • Their coats are usually black and water-repellent
  • They shed very little (except for the shedding season)
  • They grow to 11-13″ high and weigh about 18 pounds
  • They are active, but not hyper
  • They live to about 14-16 years old
  • They are great with children

So, if you’re searching for a family pet, don’t overlook this lovable little dog — the Schipperke.

Other Schipperke links: Dog Breed Info Center and 5 Star Dog

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