Our “Trip Mascot”

Adventures in El Paso with Taco Guy.

Ever wondered how aerodynamic cookies or tacos are? We recently found out. While on a trip to El Paso, TX for a series of video interviews, our camera man decided we needed a “trip mascot”.

Introducing Cookie Man
Cookie Man.Our first mascot was a half eaten chocolate chip cookie. He survived the trip from the restaurant back to the hotel. The next morning we found him unwavering atop our van, awaiting the early rays of the sun. Unfortunatwely, Cookie Man never made it to our video shoot that first day. Sadly, somewhere on Highway 10, his remains are being slowly ground into pastry dust.

The Winner is Taco Guy
After the demise of the cookie, we agreed we needed a new trip mascot. Taco Guy made his half-eaten debut being firmly wedged into our van’s luggage rack runner. Taco Guy was a real trooper and survived the remainder of the trip.

It could have been the strategic placement of the rounded shell facing into the wind or the fact that this taco molded to his riding place. Either way, he was a champ and greeted us with every trip we made to and from our video shoots. He made the trip memorable.

So next time you’re on a trip far from home and need a little levity, create a trip mascot to rally around. And, by all means, have FUN!

Give it up for Taco Guy.


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