For Grown Ups Too – Learning Must Be Fun

:-( There seems to be this unspoken creed amongst adults in the working world that goes like this, “If you’re having fun at work you must not be working.” The insinuation is, if you are playing, you’re not getting work done, therefore, you’re wasting time. Likewise, the slogan “Work Hard, Play Hard” is often associated with two different environments 1) Work hard while at work 2) Play hard while at home (or on HR related corporate outtings). Why can’t these environments be the same? Why can’t they co-mingle?

The National Institute for Play says:

Corporate attitudes about play-on-the-job vary immensely. But, the knowledge and ethic to support play-based practices that create innovative, problem solving work teams are virtually non-existent in organizations today.

Executives running organizations do not have the information to understand the true nature of play. Even those who have a natural appreciation and temperament for the benefits of play see play and work as separate. Some believe that play is the opposite of work.

When it comes to business we have to be mature and serious. Right? Yet, we’re jealous of the people that “love what they do” and “cannot wait to get up each morning” because they are having fun at work.

Within some entrepreneurial organizations the concept of fun and play are emerging as viable and needed elements in employee development and competitive business growth. This is especially poignant when it comes to training and learning. This is what I call “The Fun Factor” in learning. Below are listed several ways that establishing the catalyst of fun will benefit your life, your team, your work, and your bottom-line.

10 Benefits of the Fun Factor

  1. It is pleasurable and consequently opens the learner to additional training.
  2. It minimizes defensiveness and a trust relationship is developed with the learner.
  3. It stimulates retention because what the learner likes and enjoys, he/she remembers and practices.
  4. It captures imagination and stirs the creative and innovative nature within the learner.
  5. It engages the learner, gets him/her interacting while not putting them to sleep.
  6. It excites and drives the learner to want to know more on a subject or topic.
  7. It energizes the learner and shapes departmental and corporate culture.
  8. It synergizes as the learner applies “fun approaches” to work.
  9. It changes outlook as the learner begins to see life from a positive aspect.
  10. It increases mental flexibility helping the learner cope with strenuous situations.


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2 thoughts on “For Grown Ups Too – Learning Must Be Fun

  1. Great and most useful post! The list of benefits should be firmly clutched in the hands of all trainers, instructors, workshop leaders, young parents etc. – anyone involved in passing on knowledge – to be available as a constant reminder of the all-pervasive, salutary benefits of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, I agree. Fun must be present in learning. One of the key reason why learning is slowed down and tedious is because its no longer fun. That is a common sight in adult learning. Hence in all my seminars, I strive to keep fun as a central learning methodology and purpose.

    Wonderful factors there! Thanks.

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