The Technorati Challenge

Technorati.comOther bloggers claim that setting up an account with helps to increase traffic to your Blog. Now, since Technorati has been alive and kicking for a while we’re going to put this to the test in what we call the Technorati Challenge.

This test is simulating the typical blogger with some technical expertise. We’ll set up a free account with appropriate tags and then benchmark traffic over the coming weeks. We’ll put weekly posts up with “Technorati Challenge Stats” to let you be the judge of how creating a Technorati Profile may or may not be of benefit you.

Starting Week Average Viewers Per Day = 21

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “The Technorati Challenge

  1. jeff snow says:

    did people rate you content within technorati. If so was it positive or negetive.We have people rating or blog articles such as beagles but just haven’t been able to measure the results

  2. Jeff, my observation showed that, unlike digg, if a person liked an article they would link to it. I was unable to see how individuals rated the articles. Posting rate and readership (i.e. links and “favorite” list) seemed to drive ranking within Technorati.

    See the final results here:
    Final Technorati Challenge Stats


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