Tips for eLearning Designers

Check boxOur friends at Langevin Learning Services share some tips that are applicable to anyone designing training courses online or for classroom instruction. Print this out and keep it handy as a “check list”.

• Target content to the experience level of the trainees.
• Base content on job tasks.
• Spend adequate time on-difficult-to learn tasks.
• Break steps down into how-to instructions.
• Ensure structure of course follows structure of job.
• Minimize “nice-to-know” information.
• Spend 1/3 of time on Presentation of content.
• Spend 2/3 of time on Practice and Feedback.
• Review content at regular intervals.
• Design exercises that simulate the tasks.
• Have course validated by technical experts and end users.
• Build principles of adult learning into the course.
• Design course materials to be job aids.
• Use activities that will aid transfer to the job.

Copyright – Langevin Learning Services, Inc.


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