The FUN Equation is Success

People ask me about Creative Learning Consulting and my reference to the “Fun Factor”. The illustration below represents my philosophy for learning, training, teaching, equipping, and communicating. This applies to both young and old audiences alike (see Learning Must Be Fun).
FUN Equation
We are consuming so much information these days that, unless we apply what we learn, there is little to no retention or remembrance. What we apply, we have experiential knowledge of, and what we experience we either like or dislike. This emotional response is most favorable when the entire process rests under the “umbrella” of Fun. As a result of this, the application process has a positive response and, consequently, repeats itself. This repetition creates a cycle that breeds success for both the person/organization transmitting and the person/organization applying.


You can apply this equation or recipe, if you will, to most any endeavor and you’ll find success.

Try it for yourself.

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