“3GSM iPhone Home”

3GSM World Congress 2007Next week is the 3GSM World Congress, which runs from Monday-Thursday (Feb. 12-15 2007) in Barcelona. Don’t discount for a minute that a good portion of the buzz will be about the impending impact of Apple’s iPhone and the ramifications on the mobile market. If you look at the list of sessions, you’ll note that one of the biggest topics of discussion will be the convergence of entertainment (TV, music, etc.) and the current business models. The iPhone is targeted right at these areas.

As we mentioned in the Waning Wow Factor post,

[The iPhone] will push the mobile phone industry lightyears forward. You will see a rush to market of similar knock-offs like we have seen with the Motorola RAZOR and SLVR.

Indeed, many in the industry feel that soon after the congress we’ll see a series of roll-outs from Nokia, LG, and others that have similar functions, shapes, and technologies as the iPhone. As a matter of fact, Microsoft filed this last Monday with the FCC for testing a mobile device (spelled Zune?) that will have similar features yet tie strongly to the Internet (broadband and VoIP) versus other mobile carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

The near future looks interesting for sure as we watch where mobile computing, WiMAX, and information delivery goes. I, for one, am very excited about the growth possibilities for creative and learning companies as they enter into this conversation. Now, that will be something to “phone home” about!

Note: Right after this post went out I learned that Samsung just rolled out their new iPhone competitor.


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