Technorati Challenge Stats: Week 3

Technorati.comHere we are with three weeks under our belt after having set up our Technorati account. This week was unique in that I was away on a trip and had not posted for three days straight. Now, I realize this can be the “death nell” for any blogger but, life must go on. It is easy to feel as though you’re chained to your computer in order to get out posts on a daily basis. Actually, it was good to have a break.

Another unique tweak this last week was playing with Tags within WordPress. While looking at appropriate posts and tagging, I made some adjustments and had a spike in readers. This is good for the blog, but not good for Technorati for which this challenge was unofficially undertaken. The increase in traffic was more from the WordPress side than from the Technorati side. This does not bode well for Technorati.

A final item I have noticed over these last weeks is the Ping Page set up by Technorati does not seem near as expedient as the initial spider crawl had been when setting up the account. When I update the blog and ping from Technorati it will not take effect for, from what I have noted, several hours to as long as a couple days. Yet, in spite of all this, according to Technorati Ranking, my blog has moved 500,000 spaces better than when we started — go figure.

Starting Average Viewers Per Day = 21
Week 1 Average Viewers Per Day = 16
Week 2 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 3 Average Viewers Per Day = 23

The saga continues next week.

Note: Right before I completed this post, I checked back at and found that my last ping was “11 hours” ago but my last post was crawled “7 days” ago. I had posted additional content on 4 of those “7” days — what’s up with that, Technorati? And, believe me, I am not caching the pages. I go for a clean refresh everytime I access the site and have cleared my browser cache to make sure the page was the most recent.


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