JoostI had pondered posting about Joost™ several weeks back, but there already seemed to be a glut of info out there regarding this exciting new venture. Well, there are a couple new developments worth noting: 1) Joost Beta version for Intel-based Macs 2) Joost signing a deal with Viacom.

No matter how you’ve know the technology, Skype TV, The Venice Project, or this latest iteration, Joost, you cannot ignore the fact that we’re on the verge of something ground breaking. How we consume media and entertainment will be breaking down boundaries worldwide (Bit Torrent beware).

Joost Beta has been available for Windows PC’s for some time but on February 16 the Mac version hit the Web. Version 8.0, as it was called, had some bugs and, as early as 2 days ago, after a couple fixes were made the Mac Joost Beta 8.0.1 was released anew. If you have an Intel-based Mac and are interested in Joost, you will need to apply to become a Beta tester.

The second piece of news, and of wide ranging effect, is the deal Joost signed with Viacom. After pulling back from talks with Google/YouTube, Viacom decided to go with Joost.

According to the statement from Viacom, the initial programming offerings will be as follows: MTV will provide shows, both past and present, including Laguna Beach, Beavis & Butthead, Real World, Punk’d and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Comedy Central’s offerings will include episodes from Stella, CCP’s and Freak Show. Nickelodeon, CMT, MTV2, Logo, Spike TV, mtvU, and will also be onboard. VH1 will offer episodes of Flavor of Love, Surreal Life, and I Love New York. BET’s offerings will include Beef, DMX: Soul of a Man, Comic View and recent smash hit American Gangster.

Certainly this partnership will have significant ramifications for the future of broadcasting. And don’t you know DRM will become an even more heated ongoing conversation as well.

Yet, what I am especially excited about is the implications for creative learning. I can see in the near future, handheld hardware that allows you access not only Web sites but broadband content on the fly. Imagine trying to explain a concept or experience or “how-to” while having lunch with an acquaintance. Your new friend doesn’t quite understanding what you’re trying to communicate until you pull out your device and, bingo, virtual class is in session! That’s cool one-on-one sharing — Joost you and me.