Home EditionMany have seen ABC Network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition…maybe, you’ve even been a participant. The heart warming stories of transformed lives as a result of generous service and the giving of time, talents, and resources touch us at the core of our being. A unique by-product of this show results in extreme opportunities. Opportunities for the youth that are so graciously impacted by all involved. And what is that by-product? One word: Focus.

As a child and adolescent I lacked focus. You can probably tell that from this blog — it can be all over the place at times. However, when I did focus there were incredible leaps in maturity, motivation, perseverance, and opportunity.

Growing up, how many of us dreamed of being nurses, doctors, race car drivers, or firemen? Are we fulfilling those dreams today? Most often the answer is, “No”. As we grew up our playing habits, toys, and bedrooms changed as our interests changed. But, what if today’s youth could be better in touch with themselves and their unique gifts and talents? With a little guidance from parents, caring family members, and friends, one could pinpoint their creative strengths and tap into what it is that gets them “jazzed” and excited.

Now, I look at the families on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I see the arduous yet gratifying task the designers and builders have of interviewing each of the young family members to find out their dreams, interests, hopes, and desires. And what happens next, can only be called magical. The family returns from a paid vacation to find their first steps on the “yellow brick road” of opportunity laid out for them!

Looking at what these young adults return to, I think it is going to be very hard for some of them to change their bedrooms around, should their interests change. But, what if they stayed focused? What if every time they woke to their surroundings they were inspired to live the dreams they have? Imagine the internal drive? Imagine the intensity? Imagine the focus? Therein lies incredible potential for the future…for their future and ours.

Hang Onto Your Dreams
I don’t know if the producers of the show intended for this focus-related outcome. Nevertheless, we all can benefit by it. Dream BIG! Focus on your given creative strengths and talents. Go and make the future more than just a home redesign. Here’s a chance to uniquely impact the world with an extreme makeover.