Technorati Challenge Stats: Week 4

Technorati.comIt has been one month since having set up our Technorati account and the results continue to be minimal growth. Since the last update several things worth mentioning have happened:

1) Had a big spike of 85 readers the day after President’s Day weekend
2) Content volume this last week has not been as consistent as over the last 3 weeks
3) The pinging issue with Technorati seems to have been resolved with a downloaded desktop widget

So, as it stands, the overall influence of blog traffic after creating a Technorati account has been negligible. The decision has been made to continue the challenge for another month under the current blogging conditions and we will see if there is any variance from the last month’s data.

Starting Average Viewers Per Day = 21
Week 1 Average Viewers Per Day = 16
Week 2 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 3 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 4 Average Viewers Per Day = 25

Until next week…


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