Parallels – Cool New Upgrade Available

Parallels Desktop for Mac.Ever since installing Parallels on my Intel-based Mac, I have enjoyed the program. When I show it to friends they get bug-eyed at the ease of use. Well, there has been a new release of the software. With this release come some significant virtualization abilities. The two most note worthy are called: coherence and transporter. If you’re an existing user the upgrade is free of charge.

The biggest update to the new version is Coherence, a feature that enables Mac users running Parallels to run and access Windows applications from their Mac desktops via virtualization rather than switching between operating systems.

The feature is activated when a user turns on “Coherence mode,” which hides the Windows desktop and integrates Windows applications into the Mac OS X desktop and application dock.

A statement from Parallels called the Coherence feature “completely customizable,” stipulating that when Coherence is enabled, users will be able to choose how to load and run Windows applications, as well as select display options for Windows features like the task bar and Start menu.

In addition to the Coherence update, the new version of Parallels includes another new feature called Transporter, which is concerned with simplified virtualization. If a PC owner is switching to a Mac, for example, but wants to keep his or her Windows settings and files intact, Transporter allows the entire software contents and settings of the PC to be moved directly to one of Parallels’ virtual machines without needing to reinstall Windows on the Mac.
– Caroline McCarthy (CNet News)

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