77s All For DownAs I have mentioned, I like thoughtful lyrics and good progressive musical orchestration. I got turned onto a band called the 77’s back in the mid-to-late 1980’s. The band has undergone several iterations over the years but Mike Roe has been the backbone from the very beginning. Personally, I like all the albums that Aaron Smith played drums and percussion on – that guy rocks.

I was recently reminded of one of their songs. It was poignant then and I find it to be just as poignant today. Although the song spawned out of the October 24, 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, I believe you’ll see several other levels that the song works on as well – most notably:
– Where we stand today in regards to Foreign policy
– 9/11 and current terrorist activities
– How we respond under pressure
– Who we truly are revealed to be when opposition hits our lives

Under The Heat (From All Fall Down)

Like a snap of the fingers
It was just that quick
The building had fallen
And shattered and
Melted under the heat

We found a buddy
Who was covered in blood
He kept trying to get up
And look
Lay down, lay down, lay
Down Marine
Under the heat

All our lives changing
Under the heat

“Take your cameras and
Get out of here”
“Forget it” said the C.O.
“You’re out of line,
You’re angry, I’m angry,
They’re angry,
Just do the job”
Under the heat

We stopped to listen for
And then we’d dig
With whatever we had
Listen and dig, listen
And dig, listen and dig
Under the heat

All our lives changing
Under the heat

Reaching through this
Curtain of fear
My arms are stretched
Beyond the limit
I take the heat from
Streaming tears
To bear the cold and
Walk out in it
Walk out in it

My plans for the future
Are a frozen picture
That has fallen and
Shattered and melted
Under the heat

All our lives changing
Under the heat

From the San Francisco Chronicle – Monday October 24, 1983
Papers fluttered in the gentle October breeze and a page from a pocket-sized Bible lay on the ground. It was opened to the book of Psalms. The passage said, “For they do not talk of peace, but against the quiet ones of the land they plot treacheries…”.

Who do you find yourself to be when “under the heat?”

Lyrics by Mark Tootle. All lyrics copyright © Fools of the World, Ltd.