Technorati Challenge Stats: Week 5

Technorati.comIt has been over a month since having set up our Technorati account and below are the current numbers.

As it stands, the overall influence of blog traffic after creating a Technorati account has fluctuated from week to week. This last week saw an increase of about 10 extra readers per day. The decision has been made to continue the challenge for another 3 weeks under the current blogging conditions and we’ll see if there is any variance from the last month’s data trends.

Starting Average Viewers Per Day = 21
Week 1 Average Viewers Per Day = 16
Week 2 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 3 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 4 Average Viewers Per Day = 25
Week 5 Average Viewers Per Day = 37

Remember: This is an unofficial “challenge” and is solely based upon traffic from WordPress and Technorati. There have been no other marketing efforts for the Blog such as email-blasts or ad campaigns. This challenge is testing the merits of creating an account on Technorati and recording the data as a novice would use the site.

Until next week…


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