Leadership Advice: Be Careful What You Say

Be Careful What You SayAs a leader, any little thing you say and how you say it comes under scrutiny. If you are in any kind of managerial role take heed to what former professor Gene Jennings had to say (see below). I certainly found this to be true in my experience as a Manage, Director, and Vice President.

“The boss cannot blurt or gossip. The boss cannot say anything that might unintentionally be misinterpreted. The boss cannot even whisper on off-note comment. To an employee, a boss’s whisper is like a lion’s roar! [Emphasis added]

As a boss, you are in a position of responsibility and influence. You can either respect the position and earn the respect of those around you or abuse the position and earn the loathing and distrust of those around you.

Your choice. Just be prepared to live with the consequences.


3 thoughts on “Leadership Advice: Be Careful What You Say

  1. I have faced verbal abuse by many previous employers so I can definitely identify with the above quote. Those who can do, those who cannot teach, those who are evil manage. They have no idea of the power they wield. Many individual’s self-esteem has been irreparably damaged through their verbal violence. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thanks for the sincere comment. I hope if you have been exposed to this kind of leadership you find a way out. Learn from it and make the choice not to repeat this abusive kind of cycle. Take care and keep reading WeirdGuy! -eb

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