Life and Leadership Integrity

I have had this on a 3×5 card on my desk for years. I look at it often along with other cards I have written inspirational thoughts and quotes on. If you like this, grab an index card and write it down for keeping on your desk. Make the same habit of collecting quotes and encouraging tidbits to inspire you toward higher goals.


– I will live what I teach.

– I will do what I say.

– I will be honest with others.

– I will put what is best for others ahead of me.

– I will be transparent and vulnerable.

2 thoughts on “Life and Leadership Integrity

  1. Found your blog via Guy’s Blog :) .. really good stuff… as a business owner and a newcomer to faith I am always looking for solid sites like this!

    Thank you for the kind words Tom. -eb

  2. Julian says:

    Great stuff. Integrity is one of those tests that many leaders cannot maintain so these statements are an excellent reminder for what its all about.

    Thanks Julian. -eb

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