Swivel.com For The Data-Geek in You

Do graphs and charts send you into to squeals of glee? Surf over to Swivel.com for an online taste of data served up with style and fun. Swivel has been around for about 3 months and already bloggers and tech firms are taking to the new “preview” site.

When we say Swivel is a Web site for data we’re talking about three things:Swivel.com logo

  • They use farms of powerful computers and algorithms at the Swivel data centers to transform a lonely grid of numbers and letters into hundreds – sometimes thousands – of graphs that can be explored and compared with any other public data in Swivel
  • They have ratings and comments and publishing shortcuts for bloggers, so folks can share ideas, talk about insights and understand data together
  • They transform the sometimes tedious task of reading someone else’s spreadsheet into a fun experience of clicking through a Web site full of images, graphs and color.

If nothing else, Swivel is a fun site to visit and get creative ideas for, what some may consider, mundane information. Check out Swivel today and see what you think.


3 thoughts on “Swivel.com For The Data-Geek in You

  1. Chris Grisanti says:


    Thanks for checking out Swivel! I wanted to invite you to check out all of the new features that we are rolling out, including improve My Stuff pages, new Google Gadgets, and great content, including:



    U.S. Economy

    Please feel to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions, or are looking for any specific data sets or graphs for your blog. Bloggers are our lifeblood at Swivel and we want to help you and your readers in any way that we can.


    Chris Grisanti

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