CEO Leadership Practices

A CEO friend of mine sent these to me in an email several years back. These are practices that he learned over the years. I have these practices written down on a 3×5 card and placed on my desk with others that I rotate through on a regular basis. I find that I need to keep these kinds of things in front of me or else I can get bogged down in daily issues and respond poorly to situations.

Get ugly early. Make hard decisions early and as quickly as possible.

No rabbit ears. Do not react to every person’s advice. Gather all the facts and consider them before responding.

Be true to your values. Even when it costs you in th short term, holding to your values pay off in the end.

Invest in mentors. Providing mentors produces better leaders.

I hope you benefit from these as I have. Take them, write them down, and practice them. They will become well used tools in  your management belt.


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