Great Bosses…

…Eliminate future problems on the day of hiring by being exceptionally clear on compensation, benefits, work product, hours, company culture, and behavior. Be [absolutely] sure new employees understand! – Jeffrey Fox

This should be common sense. I have written two other articles on Common Sense Management because you would be surprised at how many times exercises like the one above are ignored. Repeatedly, leaders let the employee’s direct supervisor or HR take care of these items, because they are too busy. Human Resources does a great job of covering benefits and compensation while supervisors cover hours and may touch on culture if they feel it’s necessary. Typically, the company culture and behavior is learned over time while expectations are rarely talked about at all.

From experience I have learned that you can save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches by being intentional about the practices above. I regularly sat down with new hires and made sure to go over the company history and culture as well as the unique departmental culture. I set the expectations early and made sure all questions were answered, even those that might have already been covered. I wanted the new hire to quickly adapt and feel part of the organization.

Be sure to make room in your schedule for this kind of one-on-one meeting. You might be tempted to think you do not have the time for it, but in the long term it will only save you time.


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