Customer Retention an Issue? Try Qlippa

Straight from th Qlippa Web site: Qlippa is a free solution to increase your customer loyalty and customer retention rate.

Customer Retention an Issue? Try QlippaThere are number of definitions of customer retention/loyalty and who loyal customers are. Whether customer loyalty is defined by revenue, customer retention rate, frequency of sales, or the customers’ attitude towards the company, one thing is for sure: Loyalty only increases if you have a customer retention program designed to improve it.

Qlippa is the foundation for your customer retention program. It allows you to measure your customer loyalty, understand what you need to do to improve it, and continually communicate with customers as you execute the improvement.

Get Started With 4 Easy Steps

1. Be interesting…
Create content that will be of interest to your customers, potential customers, and also generate online conversations.

The number one reason why businesses lose customers is lack of contact. Almost 25% of the customers that you have worked hard to win will disappear through a lack of contact. Given that most businesses lose 10% of all of their customers each year, and 50% of customers over 5 years, this is a problem that you can begin to solve today.

2. Ask…
Survey your customers with one very simple question. A question built in to Qlippa so powerful that you will have an immediate measurement of your customer loyalty, what your customers think of you, what you need to do to improve your loyalty and service, and what your customers are saying about you to others.

Qlippa can pull all your customer information straight from your address book so there is no duplication of information.

3. Grow…
Qlippa then creates a referral network for you. This network allows your customers to refer their friends to your business and create word-of-mouth buzz about you and your products. We track all the referrals for you, you can see who is recommending you, who has arrived at your business by way of a recommendation, understand who has referred who, and send targeted communications – all within Qlippa – to each particular person.

4. Measure…
The idea is to provide your most loyal customers with an easy way to do what they are happy to do for you: Telling people how great you are and steering their friends in the right direction. You also want to make your not-so-happy customers happy again and turn those kinda happy customers into those that want to tell their friends about you.

You do this by measuring how well you are doing with each and every customer and improving as you go. Qlippa gives you all the tools you need to measure how great (or not so great) you are doing at listening and implementing that which will increase your loyalty.

And, the best thing of all, as mentioned above, Qlippa is FREE!

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