Community & Team Work

Community & Team WorkI like these pieces from Rory Noland’s book, The Heart of the Artist. They speak to the things I am interested in: creativity, teams and team work, community, and learning. These particular points are from the chapter, The Artist in Community.

Team Work
What does it mean to be a part of a team? It means you belong. You belong for two reasons:

  1. Your gifts and abilities have created a niche for you on the team.
  2. Your personality has created a place for you on the team.

The Things That Kill Team Work

  1. Selfishness
  2. Grumbling and complaining
  3. A competitive spirit
  4. Unresolved relational conflict

What Does it Mean To Be A Team Player?

  1. A Team player is committed to the cause of the team
  2. A Team player is committed to resolving relational conflict
  3. A Team player encourages and supports his or her teammates
  4. A Team player holds on to his or her gifts [talents] loosely
  5. A Team player tries to bring a healthy self to the team
  6. A Team player doesn’t care who gets the credit or the glory
  7. A Team player brings all of his or her spiritual gifts to the team
  8. A Team player sees his or her role as valuable, no matter how small
  9. A Team player submits to authority
  10. A Team player doesn’t lose his or her autonomy or artistic identity

Although the book’s written more from an artist’s perspective, the team aspects are applicable across the board. I hope you find them useful in your environment.


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