Apples new iPhone.NOTE: I have recently updated this article. See Your Virtual iPhone Revisited.

I have mine but you don’t have yours. You cannot get yours…yet. I have been to the Apple Store and to the Cingular/AT&T store and asked when they will be getting an iPhone. They say not until June 2007. So, you have to wait. You can save money while you wait because you know you won’t be buying the similar releases from other competing venders. No, you will wait for the iPhone.

Why doesn’t Apple release a single iPhone to each store for customers to ogle over? They did at the Macworld Conference and Expo last January. Are they still working out hardware bugs? Are they not finished with the production pieces yet? Surely the phone wasn’t announced prematurely?

In the mean time, you have to wait, but not me. I have MyPhone and I am already using it. You cannot have it because it’s mine. MyPhone didn’t cost near as much as the Apple iPhone and with a hand-held accessory, I can have all my music and movies with me too.

Apple figures they have gotten well over $400 million in free publicity from grass-roots and word of mouth. Can Apple sustain the hype over the remaining two months? This is either a marketers dream come true or a marketers nightmare. Also, Steve Jobs predicts Apple will sell $5 billion worth of iPhones in the first year.

We’ll see.

Until then, you have to wait. All you can do is look at and test drive the virtual iPhone on Apple’s web site.

Hmm, maybe you have an iPhone after all — albeit, virtual.

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