Strata 3D CX Universal Rocks!

Strata 3D CX UniversalThe latest release of Strata 3D CX is out and it screams on Intel-based Macs. What? You mean you are not familiar with Strata 3D? This is by far one of the best 3D packages out there for the price. Strata has the largest user base worldwide — more than any other similar 3D software package.

Want to get connected? The users sites, networks, and forums make any Strata project a breeze. Got a question? Check out the Strata Cafe. Need inspiration? See what others artists are doing with Strata.

If you’re familiar with Adobe products like PhotoShop or Illustrator, coming up to speed on Strata 3D should take no time at all. The UI is designed in a similar fashion to speed the production process. Like PS, there are layer and history palettes that make working with your projects a snap.

Strata recently released the Universal version for Intel-based Macintosh computers so if you are a Strata CX 5.0 user go download the upgrade for free. The 60% increase in rendering speed is well worth the short time it takes to upgrade.

Features in Strata 3D CX 5.1 include:

– Scripting
– Quad modeling
– Advanced animation with IK
– Environmental features such as Air refraction, gravity, and wind
– Strong lighting features
– Rendering to layers, and more.

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