Technorati Challenge Stats: Week 7

Technorati.comWe’re closing in on the last week of the Challenge and this will be the next to last installment. It has been over a month and a half since having set up our Technorati account. This last week we observed several things: the articles were not as consistent as past weeks, the volume of articles and the content can affect reader interest and traffic, and straying from your niche (or standard) fare can cause disinterest in readership.

Again, we have purposely stayed away from aggressively marketing this blog in order to test the merits of creating a Technorati account and seeing how much traffic is generated through their site. This Challenge is unofficial and was created soley at the whim of the author.

Starting Average Viewers Per Day = 21
Week 1 Average Viewers Per Day = 16
Week 2 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 3 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 4 Average Viewers Per Day = 25
Week 5 Average Viewers Per Day = 37
Week 6 Average Viewers Per Day = 67
Week 7 Average Viewers Per Day = 82

Next week will be our wrap-up week with the Challenge and you can make your own decision about the merits of creating a basic Technorati account. So far, it’s been fun Technorati.

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