I got this from Oz: The Journal of Creative Disciplines. Sharon Wasserman, one of the founders of Atlanta’s Freelance Forum gives the top ten reasons members undercharge clients.

  1. “I’m not doing any other work at the time…”
  2. “My client doesn’t want to pay that much…”
  3. “I haven’t been doing this that long…”
  4. “I just do not know what the going rate is…”
  5. “I quoted them a lower amount before…”
  6. “Someone else will do it for this amount…”
  7. “The economy is bad…”
  8. “I cannot raise my fees to keep up with the cost of living because the client will use someone cheaper…”
  9. “I do not feel confident asking for what I am really worth…”
  10. “I really enjoy starving for my art…”