Technorati.comIt has been two months since the set up of our Technorati account and this will be the last installment. As it stands, the overall significance of blog traffic from the Technorati account has been moderate. The decision has been made to close out the challenge. Review the stats below and you can determine whether you feel the need to create an account on Technorati.

Starting Average Viewers Per Day = 21
Week 1 Average Viewers Per Day = 16
Week 2 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 3 Average Viewers Per Day = 23
Week 4 Average Viewers Per Day = 25
Week 5 Average Viewers Per Day = 37
Week 6 Average Viewers Per Day = 67
Week 7 Average Viewers Per Day = 82
Week 8 Average Viewers Per Day = 75

Challenge Lessons Learned

  • Watch popular Tags and Searches on Technorati
  • Post regularly
  • Post often (at least 3-6 articles a day to get ranking)
  • Ping Technorati every time you post
  • Find your niche readership
  • Keep your post topics within your niche

Challenge Results

  • 44 Average Viewers per day after 2 months of regularly posting
  • Moved in ranking from 1.4 million to 300,430 within 2 months
  • Overall value deemed moderate pending current viewer growth trends

Setting up a Technorati account certainly did not hurt. Most links to articles from this blog occurred from within the Technorati user-cloud. We recommend using Technorati and learning your way around within the site, leveraging any information and tips you get along the way. You will find that if you watch the points listed above, you will have a regular stream of traffic to your content.

One last reminder: This challenge was unofficial and was from the perspective of a new user. The basic set up requirements were met and little management or marketing techniques were used. The desire was to observe the merits of setting up an account without any knowledge of how to draw traffic.

Thanks Technorati — It’s was fun!