eLearning - Go With The Flow

Although Jenova Chen’s game, flOw, has been out since last year, the implications of the game and the FLOW theory have tremendous impact on learning for the next generation. Similar to prescriptive pathing, flOw offers a glimpse into real-time learning adaptation.

As stated about the theory, the components of a Flow producing activity are:

  • We are up to the activity.
  • We are able to concentrate on the activity.
  • The activity has clear goals.
  • The activity has direct feedback.
  • We feel that we control the activity.
  • Our worries and concerns disappear.
  • Our subjective experience of time is altered.

Now, apply these same principles to learning and you have exciting opportunities to reach learners in new and meaningful ways. As Chen states on his site:

Maintaining the dynamic balance between abilities and challenge is key to the fun experience in work. That is, keeping it dynamic. Making it possible for anyone to find exactly the right amount of challenge needed to engage exactly those abilities needed to access Flow.Which means that when work is fun we have created complex, but negotiable challenges, challenges that allow the individual to engage or disengage, to work harder or work safer.

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