Calvin & Hobbes Creator Q&A

Calvin & Hobbes Creator Q&AYou might wonder what this article is doing on this blog…OK, part of it is pure fun. However, this blog also attempts to bring synergy between the creative, technical, and online learning disciplines. As such, hearing from or about creative and innovative people, in my opinion, fits right within bounds.

Bill Watterson has definitely been an innovator. If you ever kept up with the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip or have Calvin & Hobbes Creator Q&Apurchased any of the numerous books published about it, you will quickly see Watterson’s breakthrough style. The energy in his ink drawings have been far superior to anything within the genre. His playful breaking of the traditional rules of cartooning were trend setting. Since his retirement, artisits and cartoonists have since attempted to copy his style and humor.
Enjoy learning more about the man behind the boy and his tiger companion.

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