Microsoft® Unveils Silverlight. The Adobe Flash Killer?

Microsoft® Corp. this week will reveal Silverlight, new technology, to deliver rich media applications on the Web, part of a broader strategy to go head to head with Web and design tools powerhouse Adobe Systems Inc. Microsoft also will unveil Web content providers who have signed up to use the technology once it is available, including Akamai Technologies, Brightcove Inc., Eyeblaster Inc., Major League Baseball and Netflix Inc.

Microsoft is targeting three core audiences with Silverlight: content providers that want to distribute video and rich media over the Web; designers and developers that are building rich interactive applications; and end users that want the best possible experience when viewing Web-based media.

Silverlight is compatible with a range of browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, and Firefox.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft® Unveils Silverlight. The Adobe Flash Killer?

  1. mozey says:

    this goes COMPLETLY over my head!, how come microsoft CONTINUES to look at the market!, find out what works, and then reproduce it as thier own!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. It is very common for competitors to release news around the same time in order to pull the market attention in their direction.

    And, Microsoft has a way of watching trends and then coming out with a product of their own. It has worked for them often in the past. Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft does innovate — some — but the proven recipe has been the former.


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