Mind Mapping Showdown

By E. Brown

Have you ever tried to capture everything going on inside your head? Ever had so many ideas rushing forward that you were unable to capture them all? Mind mapping assistance is what you need.

Web Worker Daily posted a Mind-Mapping software review. Amongst the applications reviewed were:

FreeMind (Java-based freeware)
MindJet (For Mac and Windows users)
MindMap (Also for Mac and Windows)

MindMeister logo.Online Collaborative Tools
Mindomo (Beta works with Mac, PC, and Linux)
MindMeister (Beta, by invitation only at this time — Web Worker fave)

Inspiration Version 8.Tools I have used
Visio (Not exactly for Mind mapping but works in a pinch)
Inspiration (For Mac and Windows — one of my favorites)
Kidspiration (Youth version of Inspiration)

Check these apps out, download trial versions, and see what works best for you. Don’t let any of your ideas get away from you — who knows where they could lead.

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Mind Mapping Showdown

  1. Have you tried mindmapping in 3D?

    Topicscape does that – http://www.topicscape.com

    It brings the mindmapping approach to serious information management and “to do” lists, and lets you see much more of your information or your tasks at one time than any other method I’ve seen.

    It can import FreeMind mindmaps (and re-export them again for a complete round trip), the text files output by Mind Manager, OML (from ShadowPlan and similar. It can export OPML (XML), HTML, text for reading, structured text for editing and re-importing. So it complements many of the 2D tools.

    It’s Java based for eventual Mac and Linux versions, though the installer is for Windows at present.

  2. Seems like MindMeister is really good tool if you use it in conjunction with brainstorming. If anyone knows about another application which does the same please let me know.

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