More of The Same

By E. Brown

My friend, Don D., sent me an interesting note last year about his time spent at the Corporate University Summit. His two key take-aways were on the need for Global English and Leadership Development. You know what? Since that time not much has changed.

Global English
– Of 36 global companies, 90% believed that learning English was critical to doing business in today’s world.
– 9% of these companies indicated they were ready to train employees in this area.
– Online interactive self-paced studies were deemed the most efficient.

Leadership Development
– Leader led training is greatest need.
– Leaders preparing to teach gain greater self-awareness.
– Leaders can pass along experience.
– When leaders teach they experience credibility.
– Toward this end Wal-Mart created a series of modules called, “Teachable Points of View”. The modules can be completed within 15-30 minutes and provide leaders opportunities to share from experience.

As I have spoken with leaders over the last months these themes are reoccurring. Companies doing business overseas recognize that the English language is excellent for delivering details in data and information. New initiatives and contracts can live or die on the details. Similarly, leadership development from credible, forward thinking, and seasoned team leaders is the best way to pass on skills to the next generation of C-level executives and managers.

It’s getting better, but things have not changed much over the last year. Let’s work hard to make sure that the next 12 months doesn’t bring more of the same.


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