Mob Rules – Is It Right?

Mob Rules - Is It Right?And here, from the San Francisco Chronicle is another description of the Digg situation:

One of the central tenets of the Web 2.0 movement — that members of an online community should police themselves — came under scrutiny this week when a reader-edited news site deleted information helpful for bootlegging DVDs.

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Because the mob wanted this, does that make it ethical or right?

Sometimes we as humans have a sick sense of humor and persist at something in order to get a reaction. I see this in my children every day. One child will do something that irritates the other. Why? Just to do it and know that they have gained some (strange) measure of control over their sibling. I often see the smirk of triumph on the face of one while the other stomps off ranting or crying.

I wonder if this is part of what’s been happening at Digg? What started off as a posted hack (albeit, an illegal one) has turned into a strange game. Are Digg users smirking in triumph? What will the end consequences be?

Tell me what you think.

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