What Every Workplace is Missing - A Dream Come True

Finally! I remember as a kid watching the Jetson’s cartoon on TV as George Jetson would come shooting home in a vacuum tube. I remember thinking, “Cool! I wish we had these to take us to school or the grocery store or movie theatre.” Then I remember visiting a drive-thru bank and there it was in real life — except it wasn’t called a “vacuum” tube, it was a pneumatic tube! These things really did exist and it could be possible, right? In a child’s mind, the answer was “Yes.” Well, now as an adult and understanding a little bit more about physics, the reality of pneumatic tubes as “people movers” would reek havoc on ones body as well as ones hairdo.

Enter the Helter Skelter amusement ride — taken straight from the old game Chutes and Ladders (I’m sure). Now, these babies can move people! See, fun things can come true.

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These images came from the Random Collections web site. Hope you enjoy and continue to dream.