Adobe® Finally Kills FreeHand

Adobe Kills FreeHandBy: Jacqui Cheng | ARS Technica

Adobe’s John Nack made an announcement on the Adobe Blog that we all knew was coming: FreeHand has reached the end of its lifecycle. FreeHand, which was acquired when Adobe and Macromedia merged in 2005, was a vector illustration application that used to compete with the much more powerful Illustrator. But nevertheless, FreeHand did have its followers—I used to be one of them, as part of my graphics education in college revolved around FreeHand.

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Here is the end of an era. I too remember using FreeHand back when it was first released with Aldus. One of my close friends was the programmer behind the  type-to-paths and color blending (which were trend setting and catapulted FH ahead of AI that year).

It is funny, I still have the FH keyboard shortcuts in my brain and sometimes forget that I am “trying” to use them when I am in Illustrator.

Alas, poor FreeHand, I knew him well…

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