Robots & Monsters – For Charity

Robots & Monsters - A Charitable is an effort by Joe Alterio, to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Marathon that will be on July 29th. As a part of the fundraising efforts, Joe has put together this site in an effort to trade original art for donations to a good cause.

You get the original piece of 6″x 6″ art, signed, of a robot or monster or both (your choice), as defined by three words you provide. An image of one robot or monster is $25, a picture of 2 things, either robots or monsters, is $40. Your art will be drawn as per your specifications and mailed in a flat mailer to your address. Your image will also be uploaded to the menagerie gallery, with your name and the cause you donated to, unless you specify otherwise.

All fundraising will go towards the SF AIDS Foundation, which is dedicated to helping individuals and families afflicted with AIDS in the SF Bay Area, as well as the Pangea Foundation, which finances the global struggle against AIDS, in Africa and elsewhere.

As the site develops there will be a variety of artists available for you to choose from, who have all decided to generously donate their talents for a good cause.

Check it out!


5 thoughts on “Robots & Monsters – For Charity

  1. Yes, I thought this was a great idea for raising money for a good cause. Submit your idea/donation and let me know how it turns out.


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