Tangler - New Community Discussions 2.0?I just saw on Web Worker Daily this interesting article on forums. Here is a possible step in next generation of online community building app.

Ever felt that forums just didn’t do it for you? That IM didn’t have the permanence? Problem solved! Aussie startup Tangler, which has recently gone into public beta is, in the words of its CEO, Martin Wells:

…[blurring] the lines between what you might think of as traditional instant messaging, chat, mailing lists and forums. We’re web-based and topically structured like a forum, but interaction is real-time, like instant messaging.

Tangler also has a desktop tool, the Notifier, available on Windows, OS X and Linux. You can use it when you’re busy with other stuff to keep up with what’s happening with your Tangler Groups and Contacts.

Albeit, Tangler is not finished yet and is still building out its tool set. Consequently, one question that comes to mind deals with the issue of moderators: If a user can toggle back and forth between message and post mode, how much hands on work will a host need to have to watch out for flamers and trolls?

I, for one, will certainly be interested in seeing where Tangler heads. I will also be interested in seeing how the usage plays out over the course of the next six months. Users will no doubt adopt the tool, but for how long? What will be the backlash of unbridled discussions in this new forum?

Time will tell.

UPDATE: Read the upcoming interview with Tangler to find out more about the company and the future of the product!