Star Wars Mash-Up

Star Wars Mash-UpNo, it’s not the Monster Mash (for those who can remember that oldie but goodie), it’s the Star Wars Mash — “mash-up”, that is. I don’t know how I missed seeing this one, but Sarah McBride, of The Wall Street Journal Online, captured this story last week about make-it-yourself Star Wars movies from over 250 released clips from all six movies.

George Lucas, creator of “Star Wars,” has never hesitated to protect his intellectual property, which is why some call him “Lucas the Litigator.” But this week, his Lucasfilm plans to make clips of “Star Wars” available to fans on the Internet to mash up — meaning to remix however they want — at will.

The clips — about 250 of them, from all six Star Wars movies — will land on the Web site tomorrow, part of this week’s 30th-anniversary celebrations of the release of his hit movie. Working with an easy-to-use editing program from Eyespot Corp. of San Diego, fans can cut, add to and retool the clips. Then they can post their creations to blogs or social-networking sites like MySpace. More clips will come out from time to time over coming months. (read more…)

What a great opportunity for community activity. This is a perfect example of using creativity to promote learning — an innovative way to show off an editing app (from Eyespot), learn some about the video editing process (what works and what doesn’t), and to show off your final piece (using your mad director chops). More colloborative efforts like these used in online learning environments are powerful and sticky. I guarantee once a person dives into this and sees how easy it is, they will remember it and tell others how to do it too.

So, if you haven’t tried Eyespot’s editing wares or ventured over to the Star Wars site to make your own mash-up, do it now! At least do it during your lunch break — you don’t want to make your boss unhappy.

Have fun!

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