Parallels – New 3.0 Upgrade Available Mid-June

Parallels Desktop for Mac.From WebWorker Daily | By Judi Sohn

Whoever coined the phrase “have your cake and eat it too” was probably an Intel Mac user running Parallels Desktop for Mac. All the ease and beauty of Mac OS X with the ability to run Windows programs as needed in an environment that’s nearly as fast as the “real” thing.

After a long public beta period for Parallels 2.5, SWsoft surprised many Mac users last week with their announcement of Parallels 3.0 after a short private beta. Parallels 2.x users could upgrade sight unseen for $39.95 until June 6, otherwise the upgrade price would be $49.95 (Full version is $79.95). Nowadays, we are so used to having trial software and public betas, that the very thought of paying for an upgrade before having the software in hand made a few nervous. Who was I kidding? I knew I wouldn’t be passing this upgrade by. My money was quickly on the table at the reduced price.

Parallels 3.0 (build 4124) was released to the world today and is available for download. You will need to request a trial activation key if you want to try it out before purchasing, even if you have a previous version installed.

What’s new and interesting for existing users? Plenty.

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