Get Involved in PhotoShop User Community

Get Involved in PhotoShop User Community.

Just a reminder — for all you PhotoShop users, if you have not joined the community of users at the National Association of PhotoShop Professionals (NAPP), now is the time! Yes, NAPP has been around for a while, but if you have not joined you’re missing out on PhotoShop Magazine cover.inspiration, training how-to’s, tech support, a whole community of PS users, conventions, magazines, and more.

“Is this a commercial?” you ask. No! This is encouragement to get the most out of the $650-1000 software package that you only use 20% of on a regular basis. I see this so often — artists and designers have thousands of dollars worth of software and only know how to use a small portion of it. There is so much more to offer (especially in PS) and a community of like-minded PhotoShop Pros is the way to go.

Be inspired, innovate, learn, make contacts and friends, and become the best PhotoShop user you can be. Who knows, it might even get you some better paying gig$!

Addition: There is a cost for joining NAPP: $100/1yr. or $180/2yr. They also offer educational and corporate memberships — a small price to pay for the value you will receive in return.


2 thoughts on “Get Involved in PhotoShop User Community

  1. No it is not a commercial is a deception and a spin since you are pushing for photoshop users to join and membership costs $i00 dollars.
    shit, call it like it is and don’t be such a chickenshit liar.

  2. Sorry, you feel this way. I am getting nothing back from NAPP for this post (unlike commercial advertising) and $100 is a small price to pay for the benefits you get in return. Your decision whether you think it is of value or not.


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