Tools For Travelers

Tools For TravelersBy E. Brown

Traveling? I have found that there are many local and Federal agencies on the Internet that are informative places to go before heading off onto most excursions. Below is list of sites I frequent, and I thought you might find useful too.
Information about vaccinations and country specific health related topics from the Center for Disease Control.
State Department travel warnings for most every country.
Various links from the Department of Transportation statistics for airlines, airports, railways, etc.
Information on applying for a passport and a downloadable application form. Very helpful since current approval times have stretched due to National Security.
Information and tips about travel with carry-on’s, children, and more.
Information about the security wait time at many U.S. airports so you do not miss a flight.
Links to many U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.
Regulations from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol for residents returning to the United States.

I hope you have found these helpful. There are numerous other sites for other modes of travel. One such site worth mentioning is for those of you going on a cruise. Cruise Diva is a must visit with all kinds of tips and hints to make your cruising experience top notch.

Have fun!

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