Dvorak Hits the iPhone-Wall

Apples new iPhone.John C. Dvorak has had it up to “here” with the iPhone hype. He has hit the proverbial “wall” and wants to see nothing else written about it on his blog until all the dust has settled. He has instructed his writers to drop anything related to the iPhone.

See some of John’s rant below:

This is the last week of Apple iPhone hype, hyperbole, and hand-wringing. Oh wait, I mean the last week of pre-iPhone hype, hyperbole, and hand-wringing—we have a few more post-iPhone months left on the calendar. I am sick of it. It’s all anyone talks about. It dominates the news. It dominates the podcasts and videocasts and magazines.

Exactly what new meditation sequence Steve Jobs learned recently that could create such a flurry of fawning interest is beyond me. He should become a guru and teach it to the likes of Chrysler Corp. executives. Seriously, this whole thing is creepy in some mystical way.

I know at least two guys who are big fans of this unseen phone. It is all they talk about no matter what the topic of conversation. Both have glassy eyes and stare straight ahead.

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What do you think — had enough iPhone hype or are you planning on camping out at the nearest Apple or Cingular/AT&T store? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Dvorak Hits the iPhone-Wall

  1. I’m in Tulsa and we’re, historically, about 6 months behind East/West coast economic trends. So, I haven’t had it up to “here” yet. Ask me again in about 6 months.

    I am pretty excited about the new Apple store opening up about 3 miles from my house. But it won’t be finished in time for the iPhone debut.

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