Thoof Went The News

Thoof Went The NewsLook out Digg, another news/sharing portal is in town. Thoof  pushed into the market today as a competitor with a twist. Not only can you write and read about recent news (and other odds and ends) but you can edit the stories as well!

Sound like Wikipedia? Well…sort of…keep reading.

On the homepage your are greeted with:

Welcome to Thoof! Thoof lets you share interesting news articles, websites, videos, photographs, and other links with your friends and other Thoof readers. You can let Thoof know what interests you just by clicking on stories you like— each time you visit, we’ll be able to show you more of what you want to see.

Originally concepted by Ian Clarke, founder of the Freenet Project, Thoof presents users with a personalized page of news that interests them. All they have to do is read what they like and Thoof takes care of the rest.

As the staff at Thoof describes:

We created Thoof because we found, as we surfed the web for things that interested us, that we seemed to have only two options: Either visit dozens of specialized sites, or visit general news sites where what we wanted was often buried under a pile of what we didn’t want— if it was there at all. On either type of site, we often had to read through lots of stories just to find one that was interesting. User-contributed sites provided the most interesting articles, but were often duplicated and inaccurate, and there was no way to fix them. Thoof tries to solve these problems.

Try out Thoof today and let me know what you think. Is Thoof here to stay or just a “flash in the pan”?


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