AT&T iPhone Uh-Oh’s

AT&T iPhone Uh-Oh’sYou get all dressed up for your special event. You have painstakingly made sure every detail of your dress and attire are just right for your special date. You step out the front door, smile to great the day, step up to the curb, and a truck drives by splashing mud and grime all over you! “AAaagh!” you scream in frustration. You wipe the goop from your eyes and glare at the truck as it moves on down the street without a care.

This is, in essence, what has happened to the Apple iPhone roll-out. You spent hours getting ready for your date with your new phone and then — WHAMO! — the AT&T truck drives by and ruins your day. What will you do? What can you do?

All you can do is wait.

In the interim, see what Tech Recipes had to say the morning after the iPhone release:

You finally get your iPhone and what happens during activation? Error city! Many people are reporting various errors… the one I have seen a couple of times is the following:

We’re sorry, AT&T has determined that your current account cannot be used with the iPhone.

Other people are seeing this error:

Your activation requires additional time to complete.

read more…

Seems like someone didn’t have their act together for the big roll out. I wonder how they’ll spin this instance of poor customer service?

– AT&T Support Forums: Activating Your iPhone (rants and issues)
– AT&T Forum: iBrick
– AT&T Forum: Old phone disconnected, waiting for iPhone Activation

NOTE: Typically, at the end of my posts I say, “Have Fun!” but that just wouldn’t be appropriate, now would it?


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