Play at Work

I am surprised I did not write this article. If you have been a reader of WeirdGuy for long, you know Fun and Play are two of the several themes I write on. While visiting Kevin Carroll’s blog, katalyst (another FUN promoting blog), I happened upon this article by Keith at To-Done Working to Live. I think you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Here’s a taste:

I’m a firm believer that work should be fun. Hopefully lots of it.

However, we all know there are way to many tasks, even in a fun job, that simply are no fun to do. Anything you have to do routinely, for example, can be a drag. Checking and responding to e-mail, doing your accounting, etc. These things are not a whole lot of fun. But that doesn’t have to be. Adding a little play into your day can make things quite a bit better.

Some Simple Ways To Work and Play

  • Have toys at your desk. They can be a handy distraction and a way to spark creativity. You might not want to go as far as I do (I’ve got toys everywhere) but one or two can give you a much needed diversion. Yo-yos are great.
  • Do things backwards. For example, when I’m going through my e-mail, I’ll go bottom up. Sounds simple, but even a little change can be kind of fun.
  • Get outside. When I used to do tech support for Microsoft hitting the basketball court at lunch was all that kept me sane.
  • Reward with fun. Help your coworkers play by rewarding them in fun ways. Sometimes things like little toys and fun games can be even better than free food. Plus it’s better for you.
  • Make a mental game out of your tasks. Make rules for how you do something. Write on the whiteboard with your opposite hand during a meeting. Pretend your e-mail is a horde of space invaders. Whatever works.

Read more… and have fun!


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