I saw this today on the older version of The Invent Blog, by Stephen Nipper. I thought it was interesting–from a “hindsight” perspective. Here are 5 things Stephen would do differently if he started blogging today.

I started blogging here in January of 2004.  I didn’t have a book guiding me.  I didn’t have a mentor walking me through HOW to do it. It was truly on the job training (plus what I learned from other bloggers (Doug, Matt, etc.).  Sadly, my blog is screwed up.  It really is.

The good thing is that I know that.  I’ve learned from it.  I know what I would do differently (things that I am doing differently at my other blog (Rethink(IP)).  I also have been able to use that knowledge for good…recently helping a quite famous author tweak his blog (which is currently receiving a zillion hits a day).

So…what are the lessons I learned?

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