iPhone DevCamp

iPhone DevCampKelly Goto is a girl on the go (sorry Kelly, no pun intended). I was first acquainted with Kelly years ago at a Thunder Lizard Conference (do they even have those anymore?). She is a talented speaker, author, and technologist. And, for all you iPhone newbies out there, Kelly has a resource for you.

This year, 7-7-07 means iPhone DevCamp. Many are trying to decide what to do on that momentous day, I think weddings have been booked years in advance (because 6-6-06 was a bit scary) and babies are hoping to be born. It’s also a working, collaborative, free weekend session (starts in the evening of July 6th, all day on the 7th and ends the afternoon of the 8th) where a number of iPhone-ready web applications and web sites will be launched publicly.

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