Art Nouveau Meets Tech

Art Nouveau Meets TechI get a regular email newsletter from Microcenter. In this month’s Chris created a beautiful case mod that I had to share. I am a big fan of art history (studied it for several years) and especially like the organic appeal of the Art Nouveau period. Chris designed this exquisite case using his woodworking skills and his love for period art.

My latest project is inspired by the flowing drapery and organic aspects found in art nouveau design. I am not a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination, but that won’t stop me from creating what amounts to a fancy wood shell that depends on an existing case shell to provide support and the mechanical functionality of a desktop case. To tie the project elements together, I decided to incorporate flowering dogwood blossoms into the design of the wood panels and windows. I want the natural wood grain to be obvious, and it should also fit with a color scheme of pink and white. I settled on Bubinga for the wood, and obtained a nice selection of this “African rosewood” from the neighborhood Woodcraft store.

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If you’re feeling adventurous, try your own case mod -or- better yet, tell me about one(s) you have already done and I will put images of the more interesting cases here on the blog.

Have fun!

Addition: 8/19/07 The second part of the case mod project with a complete summary and price list. Check out the radiator cooled CPU!


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