Meosphere – It’s All About Me

Meosphere - It’s All About Me

By E. Brown

Have you tried Meosphere? No? If you love lists and filling out your NetFlix profile of movie ratings, you will love Meosphere. Joining Meosphere is free of charge. Simply fill out a few details about yourself and then start filling in the lists. The lists surround a number of topics that you choose from as they relate to you. For instance, there is a list of States You Have Visited. Select the States in the U.S. you have been to and Meosphere starts to put together a unique profile about “you” – thus the name ME-osphere.

There are lists on Books, Movies, Cities, Food, Pets, Cars, Sports, Recreation…you name it. The more you fill out the better and richer the profile results. It’s really addictive!

Another cool feature is that you can invite friends and family to join Meosphere and then compare your “spheres”. You might not have known how much you have in common regarding places visited, things seen, countries traveled, food eaten, and more.

This site can help build and enrich relationships and open up new areas of conversation and business that you might not have discovered otherwise. The potential of Meosphere is unlimited.

For example, here are the current Most Popular Lists:

  • US States You’ve Been To (Map)
  • Major US Cities You’ve Been To
  • US Airports You’ve Been To
  • Top NYC Attractions You’ve Been To
  • Cars You Drove in High School

Additional fun topics are:

  • Academy Award Winners You’ve Seen
  • 30 Books Adults Should Read
  • Best Selling US Albums You Own
  • Pets You’ve Had
  • Hairstyles You’ve Worn
  • And more…

I am telling you this is a really FUN site. Check out Meosphere today!


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