Why Web 2.0 Is Not Enough

I saw this article by Marion Jensen on TechConsumer. No matter what you think about the term “Web 2.0” and how it is defined, this has definitely become a buzz word. What do you think of Marion’s article? Read the remainder and comment below.

It’s easy to spot revolutions or major events in the past. The shrinking of computer parts in the 70s, the PC revolution of the 80s that led to the Internet explosion of the 90s, etc. At the beginning of the new millennium, we had at our fingertips millions of pages of information. It wasn’t a question of ‘is it out there somewhere’, it was a question of ‘it’s out there, how do I find it?’

Enter Google. Google wasn’t the first search engine, nor was it the last, but it quickly became THE search engine because they did something different. Google created a search engine that took all of that information and made it useful and relevant. They did it not by teaching the machine to do it, but instead by teaching the machine to observe what we humans were linking to. By tapping into the social side of information, Google quickly became the best search engine for finding the information in the sea of content.

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One thought on “Why Web 2.0 Is Not Enough

  1. For what it’s worth… I only mentioned Web 2.0 in passing. As the ‘buzz word’ that has been used to describe what has been taking place lately on the web. It was my editor’s idea to put Web 2.0 in the title, but I was never attempting to describe Web 3.0, or give a treatise on Web 2.0. I just think tying information to location is something that is possible with current technology, and would be really cool to see. :)

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